Monday, December 2, 2013

All that and yay December!

Why hello there!

I was a bit stuck with my greetings,
so my sister suggested that I stick to one.
So why hello there.

I was taking several selfies on a sunday afternoon (typical), lol.
and decided I really liked this angle. hahaha
So I changed this photo to my facebook, blogger, whatsapp, wechat, twitter and instagram display picture.
dayum dem social networks.

haaaaa, I'm happy because now I have curly hair all day err day.
By the way, my perm doesn't actually come out like that.
That was second day saloon blow-dried hair.

Yes, all that maintenance.
Ever since I permed my hair, I try to go to the saloon once a week for a treat.
Usually I go on a weekend; like Friday or Saturday.

Previously, before I permed my hair, whenever I blow curl it,
it would last like.. several minutes.
Like no jokes. Whenever I curl it with my ghd,
it will be gone before I'm even out of the house.
And even when they blow-dry it in the saloon, it doesn't usually last.

Yeeeer my hair problems. lol
Which, I will stop talking about, because it should be on a hair post.
Which isn't this post.
I'll try to get to it (someday) :)

Speaking of my mum previously, she just came back from Israel!
yay! She's been travelling heaps this year, but I'm allgoods cause I always get something hee.

Mud soap and Mineral peeling soap from the dead sea!

And a makeup bag from Bobbi brown!
the back of it.
So yea, it's not much. But I'm contented cause it's something. :)

And speaking of gifts... I got my first Christmas present! From Sarah!
Thankyou Sarah! :)

A letter, chain bracelet and a small makeup brush kit!

my. bankok. trip. is. cancelled. :(
(due to the riots)
I'm so sad! well, not really.
but I really really really looked forward to going to Bankok!
Firstly, the shopping is paradise.
Like man, you should see the hauls people got.
Shopping in Bankok is heaven.
And secondly, I didn't get to say goodbye to my best friend June!
She's in Thailand already, but she may come back next year!
And lastly, we had to pay 1000+ to cancel our tickets!
What a waste huh?

However, I am leaving for KL (with my sister and a bunch of cool peeps from my youth) on Wednesday!
EEEEP, excited. I love leaving. I love going somewhere. I love escaping.
I love change. I love new things. I love everything. almost.

AND in replacement for the cancelling of our Bankok trip,
we'll be going to Indonesia!!
I haven't found any nice hauls on Jakarta, but I will try my best to make one!

Apart from that, I haven't packed yet! Yessssss, i know. Last minute much.
I decided to re-fold and organise my wardrobe.
I did the folded tops, so these are the remaining I need to sort:

 OH! And I may do a post (hopefully) on me packing for my trip!
Like all (or most) the things I will be packing.

This was on Saturday, after my freshly washed and blow dried hair.

And dinner : Sang ngiuk mien mmm - the eggplants tastes like fries, to me atleast.
 Finally, can you believe it?!
It's DECEMBER already!
Like wow, boy, did time fly.
This year really went by so fast.. it's crazy.

I love Decembers though!
It's like the finale of every year.
All the celebrations (weddings, Christmas, holidays, etc)!
And, I'm really looking forward to next year!
Although many people are leaving :(

But you know, they say distance makes the heart grow fonder.

P.S- I just celebrated an early birthday for my guy bestay, How Uei!
I shall post a post on it soon!

Until then,
have a happy December!

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