Thursday, June 20, 2013

What are you

I seem really happy.
From my photos, or maybe my smile.
Am I really?
I'm not depressed.
But I'm not entirely happy either.

People, they come and go.
Like you.
Ugh, what am I doing.
What's wrong with you.
What's wrong with me.

Feelings, y u no go already?

It's been almost three months. 
We said the months we spent together felt like years,
But these three months don't even seem like a year.

What's worse?
To have someone choose to walk out of your life or someone taken away from your life?
Either way sucks balls.

Choosing to leave someone's life is bitter. Because its a choice. Like, you wanted to, that's why you chose it.

Having someone leave your life unwillingly is sad. Plain sadness. But at least you know the person didn't want to leave.

Everyone has their own opinions on this.
But I'm dying to know yours.


It's cruel.
But the easy way out.
Like an escape route.
A short cut perhaps.
Or a runway.
A run away, you.


Comfortable, awkward and deadly.

You're confusing.
You confuzzle me.

Is it wrong, to be misleading?
Cause that's you.
You're wrong.
You make me think this
When it could actually be that.

Your 'you' could be her.
Your anything is nothing.

Am I drunk?

Confuzzled huh? 
That makes us both. 

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