Sunday, June 30, 2013

Midnight thoughts.

I let go because I don't know what holding on leads to. The mind can be deceiving and tends to leave me vulnerable. 

Indirect messages leads to nowhere but a stop to confuzzled town.  Presumptions are dangerous because they're what your mind creates.

I stop to think of the time I invested in what is left of nothing and wonder why, so I stop myself from wandering further from where I am.

The heart, my heart is something I shall guard. Purity and righteousness is something I long to obtain. 

They say time will prove itself, and as it does, I see a part of you fade away. Not because I don't love you, but because I have to for now. 

You; what state are you in? Have your feelings drifted far like puppy love is assumed to be? Or is it suppressed by your thoughts and choices, perhaps with confusion or a bitter sweet hurt?

People talk. But they don't really know. Sometimes their words that reflect my actions leave me at a hanging state. 

Confusion is tiring. It leaves me emotionally drained. Sometimes I stop myself from thinking back, because I'm afraid to be where we last left off. 

I'm dropping it, hearing pieces of us shattering. Silence, absence and nothingness, and we slowly fall apart. I'll take it as it is, As if those last few months were like a short memory. 

I still hope to be able to differentiate this from the rest. That when I come to ask myself about you someday, I'll be true to how I really felt. And for you, I hope it'll be likewise.

When someone asks about my past, I promise to leave out what was not ours.

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