Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meet my bestfriend: Vibha Upadhyay


this is dedicated to you, because since you deactivated your facebook,
that leaves me with very little option to reach you,
and I think that this would be better shared on my blog, than on our email;
so this is for you.

what can I say,
Vibha, we have been bestfriends for almost 5 years.
Though, not my longest friendship,
it is one of my very valued rapport.

Our friendship has been one of the biggest rollercoasters over the past years,
and it's insane at how much childish (but fun) drama it had in the early days.
YOU, missy, have been there for me in my greatest challenges.

My first breakup,
you were there for me, even when I was a little bitch.
Endlessly encouraging and supporting me througout.
I remembered thanking you a whole bunch,
and until this day,
I don't stop thanking you,
because that's how much you've given me in our friendship.

My insecurities;
I remember those late nights where I would cry from getting anonymous hate,
and you were that one person I turned to,
regardless of the short distance of different schools,
you were still there to strengthen me with words.
Thank you.

Even until today,
7892.46km apart, 4 hours difference, our contrasting hectic lives,
we're still in touch.
And not only in touch, but you're still here for me throughout my challenges.

How did my 13 year old self describe you?

"Bestest bestfriend in this whole entire universe; my everything. she shines greater thn the stars. I love you for infinity and eternity; xx"

"I've learned alot & have been inspired by the most amazing person ever, My bestfriend. She's been with me for only a year & she has been my inspiration ever since. She's been giving me hope & faith in everything I do. She's the reason why I'm smiling & i thank you for that. I love you so dearly Vibha Upadhyay(: You mean my life.x"

Vibha, you truly are an amazing person.
A very encouraging and supportive friend.
I can never not be thankful.
Honestly, I am so happy God blessed me with a friend like you.

In everything I do,
you always look at the best part about me.
Just somehow, and somewhat,
you show such a great love in our friendship.

Just recently, for my birthday, you gave me 17 reasons about what you love about me.
Heck, that's a whole lot.
I don't think I could ever find THAT many reasons to why I love somebody,
and describe it in long paragraphs.
So excuse this birthday wish :C

People would always tell me how I'm so good at talking,
how I'm great at giving advice, how I'm the best counsellor, 
how I'm really good at writing, expressing, etc.

And yea, sure, I am very grateful to have attained such a trait,
but as I look back, a big part of when I found this hidden trait in me,
was influenced greatly by you.

YOU help me see the good in me,
and God placed you in my life for a greater purpose,
a blessing.
You are a blessing to me.

Needless I mention those times where you really relate to me;
On the day of my purity ring dedication,
you cried with me.
Even just my breakups, you were there to cry with me.
Just reading my mails on how I feel for somebody makes you cry.

Are you not the bestest friend someone would ever want?
Thankyou so much Vibha,
for everything.

Our friendship reminds me a lot of a friendship in the bible;
David and Jonathan.
(PS. I wanna name my son David, so if you have a son..... ;D YAKNOW)
So there's a part of a verse that I read awhile back, that reminded me of our friendship.

"..for he loved him as he loved his own soul"
- 1 Samuel 20: 17

Our friendship, the love you've shown for me through those very encouraging and supportive words,
your determination to strengthen me emotionally, to continuously support me in my faith and belief,
the foundation of our trust, the intentions of our friendship,
the pain, joy, blessing and challenges we both share,
reflects in this verse.

Thankyou for showing me a great love in this friendship.
You are genuinely a great friend towards me.
Thankyou so much.

Have a great birthday my dear.

In 2009 (almost 5 years ago) - thirteen, graduation dance.

Sometime in July, almost a year ago.
HAHAHA, don't cringe, I kinda hesitated to post these, 
but I actually don't have many photos of the both of us.

have a lovely birthday.
*hugs reaaaaaally tight

OH, and for those of you who want to get to know her a little bit better,
Here is her tumblr :)

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