Friday, May 10, 2013



Seriously, I am craving things like mad.

Every food I'm craving at this very moment:

1. pasta - carbonara
2. Mango pancake from Lucy's
3. chocolate - like um the yummy ones
4. onion rings from like pictures
5. churros with chocolate sauce
6. Lamp chop - from everywhere
7. french toast - made by my mum and esther T.T
8. eggs - scrambled, poached
9. sushi - salmon, those from the sushi train 
10. chicken, fried chicken. deep fried chicken
11. ice cream
12. mushrooms - mushroom soup and sauteed
13. pizza - from pizza hut, or the one i ate a few days ago, or the wisma ones.
14. choppo - from lido or KL
15. sausages - those juicy ones that taste amazing
16. bacon *melts
17. lamb shank from secret recipe
18. turkey from years ago at christmas
19. HAM, the christmas ham, that tasted so freaking amazing
20. blueberry pancakes
21. banana, fried banana. goreng pisang :'(
22. Sweet and sour pork. 
23. duck rice; Juicy duck with amazing honey sauce on the skin. yum.
24. chewy cookies. from NZ dairys and famous amos
25. cookie dough ice cream
26. frozen yoghurt from moocow or tutti fruitti
27. ice-cream biscuits - like amazing ones
28. banofee pie - that loves my tummy
29. MACCAS mmmm. 
30. brownies
31. cheeseburgers
32. oysters
33. rice - soft fluffy rice
34. Oreo Mcflurry that tastes so good
35. secret recipe cake <3 p="">
36. omu rice - from the tuck shop in my old school with tons of tomato sauce
37. smoked duck
38. fish and chips from NZ
39. chicken and chips with mayonaise and honey mustard in the foodcourt
40. chocolate twisted bun for $2 in New World.

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