Saturday, April 6, 2013


And you guys.

I know I haven't been blogging for more than a month! 
But I have been truly pretty busy and maybe I'll find time to re-start blogging.
Alrighty, so it has been a month plus, and gosh, many things have happened.
I can't state some of the most personal things here, but I'll just share my photos and some updates.

Alright, so this is gonna be a shuffle of photos and a long picture post.
Gee, I'm so gonna try to update more, to avoid all these long unnecessary photo uploads.

Me and my 'brother' - Nathy :)

I'm so vain, haha  :B

This is a candid that my friend - John, took and edited :3 

And I finally got to catch up with my old childhood bestfriend! (Jeremiah, the guy in the middle).
And Jess, and met two new friends :)

I was eating at upperstar with my good friend Foo and my sister :)

Weekly Wednesays with le foo. lol ice cream is our thannggg

At Hanna with Esther awhile back!

Camwhoring on cameroid, lol

Me with a classmate's glasses :B

HAHA i look weird, but i kinda like this photo


A polaroid photo that Esther took of me !
I don't play the guitar, btw.

SNACK TIME while watching GI JOE at the movies :)

Caught up with these lovelies 2 sundays ago! Sarah and Esther :)

And, Ariel! :) She's amazing.

A candid we both took :D

Caught up with Sheleen (and June) 3 weeks ago! :D

With Nathy again :)

This is my youth, at SIBKL. Our anniversary. Themed as Carribean.

We did this dance, and we all had to dress as pirates. Can you find me? lol

With June and Sheleen at Sutera! :)

Elve and I during dance practice :)

My sisters and I :D

During first day of Chinese New Year :)

A few of my girl cousins :)

Esther and I!

Emmeline and I attempting to help Esther do a handstand. Damn, she was heavy as!

I made this for my valentine haha

It's like our friendship bracelet, some notes and all

And in return, I got a totoro, which I named Tomo :3

Clarissa came back, so us three girls went out for lunch at Party Play :)


At yoyo drinking water. haha

And I guess that's a summary of my photos for the past few months.
By the way, for the dance photo, I was the one on the far right. haha
So I shall be posting soon, short or long posts.
Because I finally downloaded the Blogger App on my phone :)
But That's only for short posts, so yea!

And, follow me on insta - cheelsealee for more photo updates :D


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