Thursday, October 20, 2016

Relationships, again.

Hey there!

To be honest, I'm feeling super drowsy from my panadol and am in need of some good sleep right now, but I just have to tell you something. Maybe it's the drug that is making my heart race, or maybe it's solely God. But I need to tell you this.

Recently, and many times prior to this, many people tend to ask the same question in one way or the other:

"Why do you always talk about relationships?"

Some ask out of pure curiosity or really intrigued at just how indulged I can get with this topic, but there are one or two who literally ask because they just don't get it. Like why?! And how can one be so obsessed with such a topic?

In my defense, I don't think I talk only about relationships. My closest friends can testify to that. But I will admit, I do love talking about relationships. And so do you. 

Because not once have I met someone who doesn't want to share or engage in a conversation about relationships; especially if the question is directed to that person.

To answer the question, relationships are fundamentals. 

Single, in a relationship, married, or anywhere in between. Anyone and everyone can relate to it. 

My aim of this post isn't to convince you to partake in this passion of mine, but rather, to shed some light on why I think I can't help as to why I relate and love relationships this much.

I need to start with a relationship that changed my whole life - to date, and I'm sure, forevermore.

You see, four years ago, I got out of a relationship that left me heartbroken. Long story short, God met me there and my life have been drastically changed. It sounds simple, it sounds ordinary. It was just a childish breakup, but now I've grown up. Maybe that's all to it.

But maybe not. Definitely not. It's simple but so complex. It's ordinary but so special. It's everything I expected and more. It's my reality and a dream all at the same time. 

Before that relationship, I was already broken. My heart was so flawed and in desperate need to be found and loved - not by men, but just the natural makeup of who I am, who we all are. We all long to be found and loved. I was in need of that.

I write this because I can't put into words why I love talking about relationships. It's beyond just conversations. It's instilled in my thoughts, engraved in my heart and a core value that my actions convey. I know that it's something that consumes me and draws me closer to God and people. It reveals the heart, it points to God and it strengthens bonds. It's part of my purpose, it's my love story, my passion and a huge part of who I am.

My testimony is that God pursued a relationship with me when my last relationship ended. But it doesn't end there. I now live a life that's radically transformed and complete.

Today, I ended a very casual but yet mind-blowing conversation with my sister, Esther about you guessed it - relationships. The result of that conversation has strengthened my values, encouraged my spirit and caused my heart to burn with such a longing to just share this...

So why do I talk about relationships so much?

It's because it reflects my heart and what God has done, is continuing to do and will do in my life. And I'm excited to share this journey with you!

I will be (attempting to be) vulnerable, transparent and share with you my journey in this topic dear to my heart in the next couple of weeks.

God has especially recently revealed to me a lot about this topic in my life, so I'm excited to share this with you!

My possible upcoming topics and questions on relationships I will discuss:

- Red flags? Keep watch of green flags!
- Why I'm not dating currently; My covenant and purposes.
- How should I be dating? Should dates come before or after a relationship?
- My physical boundaries in dating and relationships
- Does culture matter and should it be a dealbreaker? 
- When should I date?
- The ultimate list - to have one or not
- Characteristics to look for in a future partner
- How to deal with break ups
- How to guard your heart
- How to deal with feelings of infatuation
- Should women pursue men, and if so, to what extent?
- Signs to know when you are ready for a relationship

It's an ambitious list, and I've got practicum and exams in the next few weeks. But I'll do my best to touch on these topics either on my blog or my youtube channel. Yes, I will be making videos soon :)

If there are any questions/topics you'd like me to touch on, feel free to let me know!

Until then,
love always x


  1. AHHH I'm beyond excited for this!! Looking forward to it very much :)