Friday, September 2, 2016

Dedication: To a brother from another mother (and father) haha

Happy 18th Birthday Nathaniel! :) (3.0)

Haha I hope this post will make you cringe in disgust at our youth and reminisce at all the good times we had together.

About 4 years ago, I met a boy who told me I was pretty. HAHA. Sorry, I remembered that.
My first impressions of you then was that you were very very little - and probably was 'special' because the girls were always babying you and you acted really strange/awkward (don't deny it)!
Long story short, we became friends because you were super random and was always present.

^ This was probably one of the first few memories we had after being friends, look, you were so young!! haha.

I've come to realise that within a few months, making good friends and falling in love was easy.
In a year, you can make close friendships, and make someone like a brother.
I don't like calling people my 'brother', so I think you're the last and closest to that term.

I loved how you enjoyed food like me, and that you were able to go on food adventures with Est & I;
sushi tei, hana, lamb chops, more sushi, crepe cakes, desserts, and my # basic drinks.

Apart from eating and drinking of course, you are good company.
You listen well and despite your randomness with the others, you don't hesitate to share your deeper thoughts and feelings with us.

I remember the moments that weren't captured too.
When you were scared & cried, and I chose your side.
When I was heartbroken & cried, and you listened to my rants even after months and years.

I remember the presents we would exchange during Christmas and during birthdays.
I really appreciate your effort in picking things for me and writing me nice cards.

I think it's easy to forget that these weekly meet ups, banter and hang outs are actually meaningful. They all add up to make a friendship that has been invested with time and effort.
I don't think I realised how much our friendship meant to you, until you gave me my farewell letter.
Although the both of us probably forgot the exact contents of the letter, thank you for that :')

So that's why I'm here writing you this blog post, although I haven't blogged in awhile;
because your last few years of friendship with me have been enjoyable.

Thank you for always thinking the best of me, for appreciating this friendship;
for being a good friend, a comfortable brother (legit, like you'd make a good brother to me heh).
Thank you for still sharing with me about your life;

You make me laugh with your crazy dancing (daym how can Est and you move so well, jelly),
I love how you are adventurous enough to start a fashion blog (That fashion though, from baby shirts to crisp tees, you've done well), a youtube, photography and finding your own relationship with God.

^ Some of my favourite photos of us, cause it captures just how much fun you are :D

You're that brother I never had and one of my closest guy friends in the last few years.

I'm really proud of you for who you are, that you are genuine and kind.

So on your eighteenth birthday,
I wish you find your identity and hope in God.
That you continue to grow in strength and courage in Him.
Because He will never fail you, and I truly believe He has the most amazing things in store for you!

Here's a verse for you :)

"He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works." - PSALM 33:15 (NKJV)

WHEEEE Eighteen :)

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