Thursday, February 12, 2015


I trace back the last of ours to reminisce;
It's been two years, this month, since us.

Strangers, friends, lovers...

It's so hard to have closure..
It's so difficult to see you and to not see you but move on.

What do I do now?

To let the two year mark go by, do I let all of what we last left to be left behind?

What love did we have to remain in such a state that burdens my soul?
What kind of man are you now to have captured me in such a way?

You, do you live okay?
Does my presence not kill the comfortable silence?
Aren't you tired & weary from running away?

Won't it be great to face it now,
The last of what our youth left about..

Or like me,
do you believe it's a bit too late?
Besides, it's been 24 months, what's there left for either of us to state?

It's so hard though, so damn hard
For me to just walk away.

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