Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blog Challenge: Something for my kids to know


So my last proper entry (excluding the diary writing stuff ) was almost two weeks ago.
Exams started around then, so figured I'd take it slow on the blogging.

Is it just me, or is time passing really quickly?
Just a few months back, I was so unprepared for my exams.
And now, I'm only a few days left for my last paper..
and. then. I. am. free. 'till. college.
I'll be taking 1/2 a year break! (yaaaaay?)

Moving on, I actually started this post last week.
But due to events popping up, I had to postpone it.

Anyways, since today, I'm gonna be blogging about kids - my kids.
Wait, my soon to be - no, my future kids?

Okay. Just about what I would like my kids in the future to know;
I came across this video last week.
It's about this Godly you-tuber (and now father) writing a letter to his newborn daughter!

I watched it, and I don't know, I thought it was sweet and I teared up and all.
But it(my tear(s)) didn't shed or anything. Don't worry. No tissues were wasted.
*I'm so lame #sorrynotsorry

Okay I'll stop.

So here's to my kid(s).

Hey kiddo/darling/personal nickname

I love you, tons..
I loved the thought of you when I was a child.
I loved the thought of you as I grew to be a woman. (lol)
And before I met you, I already fell in love with you for these two reasons;

I love you because you're the product of your father and I.
I love your father, and I love who I am.
The thought of having you as a combination of both of us is unimaginable, fascinating and amazing.

In addition to that, there's also you.
A part that is your own individuality, that may not come from either your father or I. 
And that's special. That makes you, you.
And I love you.

Beyond my love, there's someone who loves you more.
Someone who loves you unconditionally and is capable of displaying it more than anyone.
His name is Jesus.

He is my God, He is King of Kings and He is sovereign.
He's majestic, humble, gentle, loving and generous.
He is faithful, He is pure, everything good comes from Him.
And that, of course, includes you. :]

He thought of you before I did.
He has better plans for you compared to mine.
And He knows who you are, more than I alone can ever know.

He is the greatest gift, and He is the giver.

I want you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.
You are lovely the way you are.
And the thought of you brings a smile to His face.
Your existence alone is pleasing to Him.

Everything you are is from Him, and with everything, you can glorify His name.

In this life, you'll come across challenges and trials.
You'll face nothingness, boredom and passive circumstances.
You'll triumph, overcome and succeed.
And throughout all these, you have Him - Jesus, with you.

He is faithful. He will never leave you nor forsake you.
And the best thing about it, is that you already have Him.
You don't need to earn His love or salvation.
He gave it to you freely.

So with all confidence, I know you'll walk this path of life with a great purpose.
And I'll be there by your side, with dad.

Together, we'll love you with every bit of love God has imparted in us.
I'll always cheer you on, I'll be here for you in your darkest and brightest days.

You're awesome, beautiful and wonderful.

Love, mum. x

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