Monday, April 29, 2013

April feelings.

Why hello there.

This month flew by awfully fast.
Like I mean awfully fast.
The start of this month, I thought that it'd be a slow painful adjustment for me,
but surprisingly, I had a better month than expected.

Short, small, quick updates.
I cut my hair! FOUR INCHES OFF :)

I took this right after my haircut and all :D

I was so contented and extremely happy about my new haircut and how it turned out.
The thing is, it doesn't actually look like how it does in the picture.
It pretty much looks like my first picture from the start of this post.

So you guys probably don't know this, but my hair is really - well, was,
easy to manage and style. okay, not at the start.
But my previous hairstyle didn't need alot of styling.
I could just get out of bed, and there goes my hair.
It was also at a considerably flexible length,
I could pin my fringe up, have side bangs, or just leave it at it's natural part, which is middle part.

So this was how it used to look like, this was the morning before my haircut.

Anyways, so now, I am not too happy with how my hair looks, 
as I can't just wake up and have wavy bed-head locks anymore. I'm trying to manage.

And a few pictures to summarize my month:

Mei Shing and I at Sasha's surprise party!

Nath and I at Catch 22 - last night, lol.

And Me ft. Esther's fingers and Nath's hands.
highlight of my month: Probably my new haircut. Oh, and attending Skyline youth.

lowlight of my month: loneliness.

3 Goals I want to set for May:

1. Experience God at youth camp
2. Do really well in my English exam
3. Plan many outings with people

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