Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A someone

The only image my mind forms of him is that smile he has, always on his face.

The kind of smile that makes you feel warm and polite; he smiles like that to me, to everyone. And that's the nice thing about it - it's not just to me.

A guy with high hopes and dreams, a bright future and beyond: his present is pretty bright too.

I admire how he gets along with everyone. But more than that, I like how he has close friends. Not just any kind of close friends, but healthy friendships.

He holds a talent in which he serves in;
He's capable and smart and leader-like.
He's ambitious, down to earth and lighthearted.

He's very family oriented and he's generally outgoing. He engages is physical activities and loves to make things with his hands (and brain).

He loves God and found his personal walk as an individual with the support of friends. He enjoys serving.

He's pretty much an all-rounder; he's the kind of guy that a girl would considered blessed to have. (And vice versa)

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