Sunday, December 14, 2014


I can't help but think of you
When I hear the tragic story.

Not just you;
I think of him, her, them
and even me.

My heart sinks a little.

Strange how boys think girls are complicated, and how girls think boys are difficult.

Why do people gamble their hearts at a game where no one really wins?

In the end we all come out of it with bits and chips of what we all once found precious. 

We all know what we want, I'm sure.
Then why do we chase after something less? Why would we fall for someone that easily?

Why is it so hard to wait?
Why do we feel quickly, and act rationally? Why?

Why do I know that you're not good for me, and you owe me nothing, but yet I get insecure?

Why do you even come to mind or even in my heart when we don't even talk anymore?

In fact, why is it so hard to let go of things that ended?
Why do I cling to the nothing of us?

How is it possible that my thoughts run my old memories, and my mind hopes for you, and my heart seem just a little unsteady?

Why do I think of him, and write of the both of you, and confuse them with what I'm conveying?

Why are you still there

Why am I questioning myself when the answers are buried deep in me? Perhaps I want the answers from someone, aloud.

Maybe I'm responding blankly between the lines.

Maybe I'm the one who's actually complicated and difficult.

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